Natural Science

Master the math and science foundations necessary to launch an interdisciplinary adventure. Courses range from AP and undergraduate to graduate levels.

Information Theory

Learn information theory and its applications across disciplines. This is our foundational study thread for interdisciplinary science and applied mathematics.

Dynamic Economics

Study dynamic economics and learn how econophysics and other financial models are applied to trading and financial risk management on Wall Street.

Cutting Edge

Explore the cutting edge of interdisciplinary science, from quantum info to quantum cosmology, from complex systems to statistical learning, and more.

IISAM's courses, seminars, and workshops are designed to work together in synergy.

Our courses are packaged together in study threads that help you gain mastery of interdisciplinary topics. While traditional universities tend to cover such courses in random or ad hoc ways, if at all, our courses are rigorously designed to work together in synergy, in order to incrementally advance your understanding and to help you achieve mastery.

Our courses, seminars, and workshops are also taught by active interdisciplinary scientists who have wide experience across multiple disciplines.

Physics is a foundational field that crosses many disciplinary boundaries. Our physics study threads, ranging from introductory college physics to quantum field theory, will help you integrate your knowledge and unify concepts across disciplines. You may consistently access the physical foundations across disciplines in an integrated, synergized way that is not available in traditional academia.

Information theory is a truly interdisciplinary field that spans physics, computer science, economics, complexity, and more. This study thread will lay the foundations for our other threads such as quantum information, fields & particles, econophysics, risk management, portfolio theory, and much more.

Quantum Information and Quantum Computation has emerged as a very exciting new interdisciplinary field. Other fields that have contributed to this area include quantum mechanics, logic & quantum logic, computer science, cryptography, and information theory. These fields will be integrated into the quantum info thread to help you stay abreast of the exciting new developments.

Everything you need to produce at the cutting edge of your interdisciplinary enterprise

We provide you with resources to produce at the cutting edge. Our seminars, workshops, and research papers are your resources for innovative R & D, not only for pure science but also for innovative business enterprises.