Natural Science

This study thread covers foundational topics in mathematics and the natural sciences. Prerequisite topics will be covered with an eye to prepare you for more advanced interdisciplinary studies. Complete courses in physics, astrophysics, engineering, quantum mechanics, calculus, and more, will be offered in this thread. Course levels will vary from AP and undergraduate to graduate.

The AP courses would also be of interest to advanced high school and homeschooled students. College students wanting to master topics in this thread, either to do well on a subject exam or to impress a college professor, would also benefit from these courses, which will be integrated to complement each other.

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Information Theory

This thread will cover the mathematical foundations and survey the applications of classical information theory across a broad spectrum of disciplines. It is a foundational thread that prepares you for our cutting edge topics such as Quantum Information Theory, Kolmogorov Complexity, Portfolio Theory, Fisher Information, and more.

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Dynamic Economics

This thread will cover dynamical models in economics and mathematical finance. A primary focus of this thread is the practical application of mathematical models to pricing and risk managing of futures and options. Mathematics courses in this thread will include time series analysis and stochastic calculus. Studies of econophysics, chaos, and other interdisciplinary methods in finance and economics will also be included.

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Cutting Edge

This thread explores the cutting edge of interdisciplinary science. Here, many of our advanced courses from other threads will work in synergy to help you understand many exciting front line topics. Seminars and workshops will be offered to help you stay abreast at the forefront. IISAM's research will also be communicated through our workshops and published papers. Topics we'll cover include quantum information & quantum computing, superstrings & m-theory, statistical learning, control theory,extremal event modeling, and more.

Our first seminar in this thread is coming in August 2015 and it will cover mathematical finance and industrial options trading. Subscribe below for updates on this and other upcoming IISAM threads.