Bill Koures

Vasilios ("Bill") Koures has a Ph.D. in theoretical high-energy physics. After graduating, he worked in the oil industry in exploration geophysics. He then returned to academia, where he taught at the University of Utah and performed research in theoretical and computational physics. After a stint in the defense industry, Bill moved to New York and began working in derivatives research. He worked on various derivatives risk management projects, including interest rates, credit risk, equities, FX, energies, and other commodities. His past positions include VP in derivatives research on the Global Commodities desk at J.P. Morgan and Executive Director and Head of Quantitative Research at Mitsui Energy Risk Management, Ltd. More recently, Bill was engaged in algorithmic trading at Getco LLC, followed by a position as Managing Director of Algorithmic Trading at Transmarket Group LLC. Presently, in addition to running IISAM L3C, Bill is trading a proprietary account, teaching physics and computer science, and enjoying life with his wife and three kids.

Purpose and Structure

     Welcome to the IISAM website! I have enjoyed a long, fulfilling career as an interdisciplinary scientist. Along the way, switching fields and mastering new disciplines became a way of life for me. Each time I had to add to my skills and expertise, it was both an exhilirating and a formidable task. The information I had to assimilate was not offered in academia and it was difficult to find it in books or scientific journals. In a fast-moving professional environment, I was also expected to produce quickly; there was no time for apprentiships and extended training. In fact, since I was typically hired to add a level of expertise that a company was missing, there were very few people on hand that could even help me with my transition.

     I founded IISAM to share with you my skills and experiences as an interdisciplinary scientist. Here, you can train and collaborate with other interdisciplinary scientists so that you may make a smooth transition to this exciting new world of science and engineering.

     The fact is that a new type of scientist is emerging in today's fast-paced, globally competitive, technological world. This scientist navigates across scientific, mathematical, and computational disciplines. The problems he works on are classified not by traditional disciplinary boundaries but by the level of complexity of the underlying mathematical models. This new scientist cannot rely solely on conventional academic channels to keep up with fast-paced, transdisciplinary developments.

     IISAM is here to help aspiring interdisciplinary scientists access the training and resources they need to stay at the cutting edge of interdisciplinary research and development. As a new scientist, crossing disciplines defines your career; it is not something you do only once or twice shortly after graduation. You must therefore become proficient in regularly crossing disciplinary boundaries and in continuously adding new skills to your repertoire.

     We'll provide you with the training and resources you need to cross those disciplinary boundaries quickly and efficiently. We focus single-mindedly in helping you attain mastery. For those of you who are switching fields, this may be enough. But for younger, aspiring scientists, we also offer the option to earn certificates in which you get evaluated and your success is documented through homework, quizzes, and examinations.

     IISAM also fosters a community of scholars to collaborate on cutting edge research and education across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Through our online offerings, you may work to attain the level of mastery you desire, at your own pace. Through our online collaborations, you may explore interdisciplinary frontiers with like-minded people. Through our sponsored conferences and workshops, you may also interact with other participants in person.

     As an L3C, IISAM's primary goal is not to maximize income but to perform socially beneficial services. Specifically, we're devoted to producing advanced interdisciplinary research and educational outreach. We are an independent, self-funded organization that is engaged in contemporary, publishable research. Our ongoing work will be funded through entrepreneurial endeavors that include online educational programs, advanced research workshops, conferences, consulting, and spinoff applications.